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About the Author  

Dr. Elder was featured in the Point Reyes Light. Read the article by clicking here.

Dr. Elder was interviewed by Kid Lit Reviews. Read the interview by clicking here.

Dr. Linda Elder, an educational psychologist, is president and fellow of the Foundation for Critical Thinking. Dr. Elder has coauthored four books on critical thinking and twenty-three thinker's guides. She has written the Miniature Guide to Critical Thinking for Children, along with an accompanying teacher’s manual, as well as the children’s book: Fran and Sam: Which One is Better at Thinking? She can imagine a world with no more homeless cats.

Dr. Elder became involved with community cats several years ago while playing tennis at her local high school. She noticed three small black cats, almost, but not quite, kittens. She asked employees at the school what was being done about the kittens. The principal of the school told her they had tried to catch some of the kittens but without luck. Dr. Elder called her local humane society and from there she was introduced to the Marin Friends of Ferals (, a
community cat rescue group. That began her journey to understand and help care for feral cats in her community.
Dr. Elder decided that one way to help people understand the problem, and the plight, of community cats, was through educating young children about community cats, about their needs, about their realities.

About the Illustrator
The illustrator, Kathy Abney, has a
BFA in Fine Arts and has worn many
hats professionally, including art
director, graphic designer, and
illustrator. She is also an active
volunteer and mom of two darling
children and a sweet dog.
Ms. Abney created the artwork for
Fairminded Fran and the three
small black Community Cats
using colored pencil.
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