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How to Help
Community Cats

There are lots of ways to help community cats. Here are some:
1. Volunteer to help feed a colony near your home (you might
need help from your parent).
2. Be on the lookout for any cats in your neighborhood that look
thin or hungry. Notice any new cats in the neighborhood that
are hanging out or hunting. Then tell an adult who cares about
cats so help can be called. Offer the cat food and water until
help arrives. But never leave food out at night – it will bring
other wild animals.
3. Every year in October is National Feral Cat Day. So you can
volunteer to help your local community rescue group by
handing out community cat information with them at their event.
4. Set up a lemonade stand or sell cupcakes at school and offer
proceeds to your local community cat rescue group. Make a poster with a drawing or photo of a feral cat and the name of the community cat group you are helping, etc.
5. Foster community kittens with their family by taking in one of the many kittens during kitten season. Contact your local cat rescue group to learn how to foster kittens.
6. If you see a mother cat with kittens, don’t go near the kittens or the mother will move them. Contact a cat rescue group for help.
7. Help build things that community cats need (perhaps with your parent). Community cat groups can always use feeding stations and
shelters. Designs are online at Alley Cat Allies or under “feral cat feeding stations” and “feral cat shelters.”
8. Take action when you notice any animal that may be lost, in distress, hungry or injured. Tell a parent, a teacher, or anyone who can help the animal find relief. Ignoring suffering is the worst thing you can do. With people abandoning their domestic cats now more than ever, it’s important we all be on the lookout for those cats, as well as community cats.